national grocery chain case study

To have a customer centric approach, you need to truly understand your customers down to the street level.

In today’s competitive business environment, grocery retailers are facing increasing pressure to create customer-centric product assortments. A customer-centric approach is all about putting the customer’s needs and preferences at the center of product selection and merchandising decisions. This approach has become more critical than ever as consumers are becoming more selective about where they shop and what they buy.

One of the benefits of a customer-centric approach to product assortments is that it enables retailers to create a personalized shopping experience for their customers. By offering products that meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer segment, retailers can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.


A customer-centric approach to product assortments requires retailers to understand their customers and their shopping behaviors. Pyxis worked with a National Grocery Store Chain to help them understand how they currently clustered their stores. Focusing on one-category, alcohol, Pyxis was able to show how to optimize their product assortments whether the stores were 700 miles away…or 7 blocks.

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