National Home Furniture Retailer Achieves 26% Lift With Pyxis

A national furniture store chain recently ran a programmatic display ad campaign to drive new and repeat customers to their stores. With Pyxis, they were able to reach highly targeted consumers based on past purchases. Using specific personas from the retailer, Pyxis created custom transaction-based audiences from its best-in-class credit and debit purchase data. By targeting pas buyers and competitive shoppers, the campaign was highly relevant and efficient, driving a 420% return on ad spend. The agency also selected Pyxis to measure the sales impact of the campaign. By anonymously matching people who saw ads to their in-store and online purchases, Pyxis measured the retail sales lift as well as the campaign’s impact on frequency, average ticket and new customers. These metrics were a first for the retailer and drove new consumer insights. Pyxis’ transaction-based audiences – through reach, precision and eliminated waste – powered the campaign to drive an overall 26% sales lift for this national furniture retailer. Contact us to learn more!

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