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    understand your category, competition, products and consumers like never before

    Pyxis can offer answers to e-commerce companies that are more accurate than ever before-and we can do it without putting any pressure on your existing infrastructure or requiring extra work from your team.


Built for E-Commerce

If you’re an e-commerce company, you know that your business is built on data. You need to know how many people are coming in and out of your site, what they’re looking at, and what they’re buying.

In fact, if you don’t have a handle on this information, it’s hard to see how you can operate effectively in the online world. With so many different ways to collect and analyze data, it can be hard to know where to start.

But what if there were a way to leverage the power of alternative data for your business? What if there was a way to make data-driven decisions without having to spend days or weeks analyzing reams of information from disparate sources?

Use our comprehensive, omnichannel data to work across your brands to amplify online sales strategies, promotions, categories and more.


how we work

Our custom analytics are designed to answer your toughest questions. Unlike others who promote their own proprietary data sets, we are data source agnostic and pick the data that is right for you.



We have privileged and exclusive access to over 50 unique datasets – more than any other data analytics firm on the market.



We clean and structure that complex and disparate data then categorize and blend data across merchants, industries, and sources.



Our customized data-driven answers. leverage the dataset that is best suited to answer your specific question.

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What to Expect

Answers to help you understand:

We are relentless in the pursuit of answers. Ask your questions and we will scour the world to answer them.

Answers include:

Choose how to work with us

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, there is no “one way” to work with Pyxis. Commerce is constantly evolving and so is our collection of datasets and methods. We strive to collaborate with you and tap our creativity and experience to generate actionable answers.

Backed by Bain

Acquired by Bain & Co. in 2019, Pyxis combines our advanced analytics expertise with Bain & Co’s unparalleled resources and consulting experience.

There is more data now available than there has been in the entirety of human history, and it actually makes it harder to find answers. Pyxis can be your guide.

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