Bain & Company acquired Pyxis in 2020 to bring unprecedented accuracy and speed to the analysis of external consumer behavior data for Bain’s Private Equity practice. By combining forces, Bain and Pyxis helped Bain’s Private Equity practice, which counts alternative data analytics as a differentiator, gain a more detailed and accurate picture of their own customers, their competitor’s customers and the clearest opportunities for growth.

Pyxis quickly began serving a broader client base as clients realized Pyxis’ unique analytical capabilities reveal where, how and why consumers buy, how they pay, how much they spend, how their needs and demands are changing, and much more.

Pyxis vs. The competition

Pyxis is your Global Data Analytics provider



We have unique access to over 50 unique datasets – more than any other data analytics firm in the market.  Pyxis leverages datasets across three core data solutions across the globe.

Additional Capabilities

In addition, Pyxis offers unparalleled access to numerous alternative and industry-specific datasets

GPS Data

Track consumer foot traffic across 3,500 companies and 300 industries

Marketing Spend

Link verified consumer purchases to marketing spend and campaigns via Liveramp IDs

Consumer Surveys

Survey consumers based on purchase history to understand shopper behavior and sentiment

Regional e-Commerce

Gain insights into large online marketplaces like Flipkart,, and Mercado Libre

E-Commerce Trends

Track web traffic trends, consumer conversion rates, and inventory trends

Travel Spend

Track consumer-level leisure trends with detailed airline, hotel, and ride sharing data.

Cloud Spend

Understand companies’ cloud spend between AWS, GCS, Azure, and other cloud providers

Web Scraping

Gain customized insights into product assortments and pricing with bespoke scraping

Business Travel

Track daily global business travel spend for airlines and hotels across 140+ countries

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Backed by Bain

Acquired by Bain & Co. in 2019, Pyxis combines our advanced analytics expertise with Bain & Co’s unparalleled resources and consulting experience.

There is more data now available than there has been in the entirety of human history, and it actually makes it harder to find answers. Pyxis can be your guide.

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